Establishment by Zeynel Gün (first generation)

Focuses on cold chamber High Pressure Die Casting tools.

First investment on CNC technology by the second generation. Annual production of 15 pieces of form tools.

More investmenis. Starts producing of trim tools. Annual production of 25 pieces of die casting form and trim tools.

Commissioning of 3D CMM device. Certificated by ISO 9001 quality system.

Establishment of manufacturing workshop of holding sets for tools. Investment of CNC boring center and bridge type CNC machining center.

Moving to the new factory, based on 1300 m2 closed area with the new investments. Performed 42 form and 24 trim tools up to 1400 mm in size and up to 9 tons in weight with 30 employees; 11 white collars and 19 blue collars.

Tool making capacity is up to 2000 mm in size and up to 15 tons in weight.
Manufactured 52 form and 36 trim tools in average of 4-5 tons.

Planned capacity is up to 2000 mm in size and up to 25 tons in weight.
Producing capacity is 60 form and 40 trim tools a year.

RASEM is one of the leading tool manufacturers in the die casting industry, specializes in aluminum injection form and trim tools. It was founded by Zeynel Gün in 1993 in Istanbul.

Rasem combines new technology, engineering knowledge and designing talents focusing on “customer satisfaction”. Concerning only with the production of cold chamber HPDC tools for the last 17 years is what underlies Rasem’s success in the molding industry.

Today, Rasem is capable of producing tools; up to 2000 mm in size and up to 15 tons in weight in 1,300 m2 closed area.

Rasem comprehends the necessity of investment in people, process and technology, and works with highly gualified man-power and accumulated know-how and always pays close attention to detail.

Rasem manufactures high guality tools for mass production to Tier 1 companies such as; Bosch, SEG, Valeo, Magna CTS, TRW, Mahle, Stackpole, Trelleborg, and partnering up with die casting foundries that carry on a business on %85 automotive and rest to households and electrical-electronics industries.

Why Us ?

With the customer-oriented culture and Ouality Assurance mentality; Rasem has grown rapidly in the last 10 years in the domestic market, and has conseguently become a valued exporter of tools to many European countries.

  • High Quality Tool Steel
  • Submitting of FOT Parts and Dimensional Report
  • Service in World Wide
  • Professional Project Management


     Delivery on time of products that meet the needs and high expectations of quality. To ensure continuity in quality and  customer satisfaction, In order to meet all kinds of customer demands, reliable in metal injection mold production, pioneer in the sector, giving great importance to honesty and after-sales service. To be a company that provides fast production system by keeping quality in the foreground.

Rasih Ulaş GÜN