Rasem manufactures high guality tools for mass production to Tier 1 companies such as; Bosch, SEG, Valeo, Magna-CTS, TRW, Mahle, Wabco, Stackpole, Trelleborg, and partnering up with die casting foundries that carry on a business on %85 Automotive and rest to households and electrical-electronics industries.

Our general part groups are; EGR Valves, Oil Pump Parts, Viscofan Parts, Steering Columns, Throttle Housings, Alternator Brackets, Valve Parts, Wiper Bracket and Pivot Parts, Chasis and Anti-vibration Parts, Automotive Lighting Parts, Drum support and Pulley Parts for Household Industry, Lighting Parts.

RASEM concentrates on die casting industry and manufacturing only Cold Chamber Die Casting form and trim tools and performed over than 500 pieces since 2001.

Today RASEM -in 1,300 m2 closed area- is capable of producing tools; up to 2000 mm in size and up to 15 tons in weight.

We have completed 52 form and 37 trim tools in 2019 and planned 60 pcs. form tool -in average of 4-6 tonnes- and 40 trim tools for 2020.

Only Cold Chamber Die Casting Tools

We produce tools with highly qualified man-power, designing talent and long-term sector experience.

Our mounting team completes the producing stage with their talented hands, after machining of the tool parts by High Speed Machining Centres.

We use 5-Axis CNC technology, Sink EDM, Wire EDM (Sodick) and Bridge Type High Speed CNC Machining Center.

  • 5-Axis Technology,
  • Highly Qualified Spotting Talent,
  • Casting The Tool in House,
  • Dimensional Report of Casted Parts,